Sun Care Awareness

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Sun Care Awareness

Protect and nourish your skin with Lush’s innovative Sun Care range. Full of the most beautiful fresh ingredients that will soothe your body – with the additional advantage that these products are made with industry-standard synthetic sunscreens, giving each one both an SPF (sun protection factor) and UVAPF (UVA protection factor).

Nutritious Ingredients

We’ve got thirty years of experience in using natural ingredients for their benefit to the skin. Because of our expertise, we have the confidence to be able to give our customers consultations about all of our skin care products. Our sun care range pioneers the use of sunscreens in cosmetics, and we’ve also found that nature is giving us the solutions. By mixing safe synthetic sunscreens with beneficial natural ingredients; not only is our sun care range full of beautiful and nourishing ingredients for your skin, but they will also help to protect you from the sun. Calamine powder is rich in zinc oxide, which is already used as a sunscreen in many cosmetic products, whilst ingredients like sesame oil and olibanum oil actually help boost the protective power of the three broad-spectrum sunscreens we use.

Non-Animal Tested

The synthetic sunscreens we have used have a long history of safe use and are industry standard. We know that the ones we use are safe in the quantities we’ve used them and all our products are tested on human volunteers at Cantor labs, New Jersey, USA. This is a non-animal testing lab run by vegetarian scientist Doctor Shyla Cantor. The SPF’s and UVAPF’s are determined by exposing a small patch of the person’s skin to broad-spectrum UV light whilst wearing the product. The results are measured and this then gives us the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) & the UVAPF.


The recommended amount for you to use of each product is 2mg for every square centimetre of skin. This will ensure that you are covered and protected for two hours and that you are receiving the product’s full protective capacity. Re-application is really important, you must apply every two hours.

Sunscreens are a must if you want to protect your skin whilst you’re out in the sun. Everyone’s skin is different and paler skins are more sensitive to sunlight, so even if you’re wearing sunscreen you might still be susceptible to the damage that UVA and UVB rays can inflict on the skin. In order to stay safe, you just need to take some care and think about your skin. UV rays can be really harmful and sometimes the damage isn’t something you’ll notice straight away. It only takes a few simple precautions to enjoy the sun and keep your skin healthy and happy.





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