Dubai Courts launches initiative

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Dubai Courts launches initiative of “innovative department” and celebrates its excellence of 2014


Dubai: The Dubai Courts held its annual celebration dedicated for its employees on Saturday, during which HE Expert / Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts honored the senior employees and the winners in the 9th edition of Excellence Awards Programme-2014 of Dubai Courts.  The present included Judge Dr. Ibrahim Imam, Head of the Court of Cassation Judge Isa Mohammed Sharif, Head of the Court of Appeal, Judge Jasem Mohammed Baqir, Head of the Court of First Instance, along with the heads of specialized courts and department directors and staff of the Dubai Courts.

Al Mansouri stressed that paying attention to the national human resources goes in line with the vision of our prudent leadership to build a well-qualified, knowledge-based and capable generation to serve our nation. The citizens are the real wealth of this country, who play pivotal role in building the development and progress of the UAE, he added.

The Dubai Courts has been keen on honoring the distinguished every year, whether individuals or departments, which comes under directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who launched several awards to honor the distinguished in Dubai in particular, and in UAE in general, he added.

The Dubai Courts’ awards aim to motivate the employees and the departments to develop their performances and improve mechanisms of the work. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness on the culture of excellence, quality and transparency so as to become an integrated element of the work environment at government entities. It also spreads spirit of competition between the departments and sectors, in addition to developing the abilities of the staff and qualifying them to possess the best practices in services providing, Tarish said.

The efficiency and success of the institutions rely on the efficiency and skills of the human resources, which enable them to achieve their strategic objectives, he said. The Dubai Courts which spent long years in serving the justice in Dubai, is possessing efficient and experienced staff, who worth honoring and praise on the efforts of 25 years.

The Dubai Courts honored the winners of the 9th edition of Excellence Awards Programme-2014, who included many categories, like administrative excellence. The winner of excellence achievement category (distinguished court) is the Commercial Court, winner of the distinguished judicial department is the first full commercial department, winner of the distinguished department is the civil cases department, winner of the distinguished initiative is the social media department, winner of the innovative department is the labour and fees execution department, and winner of the innovative idea is “an idea out of the box”

Tarish also honored categories of special career excellence, which included the distinguished judge who is Ahmed Thabet Al Amri, the distinguished execution judge is Ahmed Obaid Al Mansouri. Meanwhile, the honored categories of career excellence, included the distinguished innovative director who is Omar Mohamed Shreif, the distinguished administrative employee is Yaaqoub Mohamed Ahmed from the execution department, the  distinguished employee in the specialized jobs is Soaad Abdullah Freedi from the department of administrative and financial affairs, the distinguished employee in the field work is Mohamed Bahaa Aldin Noaman from the execution department, the distinguished female employee is Mariam Salem Al Shamsi, the new employees who were honored equally are: Mohamed Hassan Al Sarouh and Mona Darwish Mezan, and the innovative employee is Sheikh Abdullah Al Ketbi.

Also the categories of service stars were honored. The star of customer services star is Ali Mohamed Hassan from the execution department, and the best correspondent is Moahmed Abdullah Ahmed, the best execution warden is Moahmed Bahaa Al Din, and the distinguished secretary is Mohamed Isa Al Baloushi, the star of the “reply with good omen” initiative is Jaber Belal Al Baloushi from the notary department, and the star of the “please contact” initiative is Ahmed Al Shehi from the personal statuses department, and service category is Mohamed Nour from the administrative and financial affairs.

He also honored 70 employees for completing 25 years at the Dubai Courts. The best three departments which got the highest level of employees satisfaction are: the human resources department, financial control, and the center of the amicable settlement of disputes.

The Innovative Department

In the meantime, Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Dubai Courts launched a new initiative for 2015 titled “the Innovative Department”. It includes several programmes, such as innovation stock, innovators club, innovation laboratories, innovations seminars, innovation dialogue, innovators partners, and the category of the innovative regulatory unite that will be kicked off next year.

The celebration included a special part on the “Loyalty Print”, during which Tarish Al Mansour, Director of Dubai Courts, Judge Abdulqader Mosa Mohamed, Deputy Director General of Dubai Court, heads of courts and directors of departments, in addition to the employees put their finger prints on a painting to form the UAE flag. It also included a section on “Charter of Pledge” in which the judicial and administrative leaderships in Dubai Courts vow to provide a stimulating work environment enabling the judges and the staff to achieve the creativity and innovation in all judicial and administrative areas of Dubai Courts.

The annual ceremony of the Dubai Court was concluded by a draw on the prizes and gifts for participating employees.


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