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Bobbi’s Makeup Lessons

Beauty, Simplified


“I created Makeup Lessons to make it easy for any woman to look and feel her prettiest and most confident.” – Bobbi Brown

Bobbi believes that beauty should be personal, simple and accessible, and that every woman can look and feel her best with knowledge and the right products. To this end, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offers an extensive menu of personalized and complimentary*  Makeup Lessons designed to empower women with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to become their own makeup artists and skincare experts.

Bobbi’s Makeup Lessons are customized to suit each woman’s individual lifestyle and skill set. Taught by an expertly trained Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, each one-on-one lesson begins with a series of questions, followed by a step-by-step makeup application. Every Makeup Lesson concludes with a personalized Face Chart to help women confidently recreate their new look at home.

Appointments are necessary. Visit to find your nearest store


Menu of Lessons (Free of Charge):

How to Skincare- 10 minutes

Learn how to take care of your skin with the best Bobbi Skincare options according to your skin type, lifestyle and season of the year

How to Foundation- 10 minutes

Learn how to choose the right shade for your skin tone, as well as the right foundation formula and texture for a flawless, natural-looking skin

How to Concealer- 10 minutes

Concealer in order to look immediately refreshed and how to look less tired.

Smokey Eyes- 10-20 minutes

Learn how to create and execute a Smokey eye for the day or a more dramatic one for the evening.

Secret to Standout Eyes – 10-20 minutes

Learn how to create the eye look that best fits your eye shape by choosing and mixing the right colors.

How to Eyeliner- 10 minutes

Learn how to do a perfect liner according to your style, eye shape and product preferences (pencil, gel, etc.)

How to Eyebrow- 10 minutes

Learn how to define your eye brow without plugging to complete your eye makeup .

Cheeks & Lips- 10-20 minutes

Learn how to pair Blush and Lip Color. Discover your best shades and formulas and how to apply.

How to Bronze- 10- 20 minutes

Learn how to look naturally sun-kissed.

Look of the Season- 10- 20 minutes

Learn how to create and execute the trend/collection look with some makeup tips for a flattering and easy way to shine this season



Menu of Services (Chargeable):

Special Occasion- 30 minutes (AED350)

Get your makeup done for a special occasion, party, event, etc.

Full Day Look- 60 minutes (AED 500 redeemable)

Learn how to create and execute the iconic Bobbi Basic Look according to your lifestyle.

Full Evening Look- 60 minutes (AED 500 redeemable)

Learn how to create and execute your full look for the evening to look stunning but still natural.

Beauty Workshop- 2 hours ( AED 250 per person-  minimum 4 pax)

Have fun and learn how to create your perfect makeup with your friends. Lots of fun and learning!

Bridal- 60 minutes (AED 500 redeemable)  (Service available at Dubai Mall only)

Get your perfect makeup on your wedding day to be the most beautiful bride



*Some Lessons are paid for services- these are clearly stated

**Make up Lessons offered may vary from store to store and within the Middle East region. Calling ahead and booking your lesson is advisable.

***Time varies from each customer.


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